Japanese Visitors

Today some of us Yr10 students were hosting or showing these amazing Japanese Visitors around the school. There were about 26 of them and about 9 of us. (Magnolia, Rowana, Johnlee, John, Pote, Pareata, Jolise, Vasa, Levi and myself) As you can see in this photo there are 6 lovely young ladies, who came with the Japanese visitors and we were lucky to have these 6 ladies in our group. So we showed them around the school basically and we had great laughters at the end when we had the last break with them. One of my highlights was when Magnolia told them how many siblings she had (7) and they all were shocked because they only had 1 or 2 siblings. They all had great personalities and beautiful smiles! May the Lord continue to bless you with your journey through Auckland and may he protect you, also when yous head back to your hometown Tokoyo x  PC : Magnolia

Money Personality Quiz - Maths

Today for maths I first completed this quiz. All you have to do is answer some questions and then it will tell you what your money personality is. The questions are really easy and itś something great to start our double period with. Even though we are not with Miss Munoz today, condolences to her family for their going through a difficult situation but well see you when you get back! Iḿ a Money Master :-) 

Describing Words

Today in graphics we have been learning how to describe objects such as the shape, texture, form, people who use that object, size, flavour and many more ! I think that this had really impacted our learning not only in graphics but also a great impact for our other subjects, such as English ! We have been look at the TC SOLO and we are working on multiscructual (describing) This has been a great lesson with Ms Ferguson ! Here's a presentation of objects that my partner (magnolia) and I worked on, its not yet completed but hope you enjoy :-)

Me - Graphics

For the past few days we have been working on making our profile. Thanks to Ms Ferguson we have been able to take our time ! This has been a great thing to work on so that everyone can know but mainly our teacher, she can know what things we like and also some things we treasure. Hope you enjoy my ME profile !

Number Topic - Math

What do you already know about our number topic?
Answer : To be honest I don't know much about number but i'm trying to learn more and more everyday so that I can improve everyday and yeah but for me personally the things that I know about the number topic at the moment is that you use number to solve problems, count and also measure things. Number is useful to many things !
What level do you think you are at currently? Why ?
Answer : I think I am on level 4 ish because to be honest I don't know much of my timetables but I am trying everyday to practice more and more with my parents, but mainly my mum. She has been helping to a lot with my maths cause if you know me yous know that maths is not my strongest subject, but you also know that I am a hard working person who never gives up. 
What are you looking forward to learning in our number topic ?
Answer : I am looking forward just to learn more and gain my knowledge on number to be honest. I don't have a spe…

Weekly Blog Post


This week in maths we have been looking at many different things. For example we learnt the meaning of the word BEMA ... and you may be wondering "What does this word BEMA mean?" Well I am here to let you know what the meaning of this word is. This word stands for 'B' for Brackets , 'E' for Exponents , 'M' for Multiplycation / Division  & the last letter which is 'A' stands for Addition / Subtraction. Ms Munoz has taught me that this method can really help you in life with your maths and it's also a great tool to use whenever your trying to solve a equation. You might be wondering "How did it help me work towards my learning goals?" Well BEMA has taught me how to solve many, many equations and it has also made it a lot easier for me with my maths because it actually tells you what order you should be solving your problems / equations in. I think my goal for next week is to keep building my c…

Social Studies - If I was Prime Minister for a day !

If I were Prime Minister (PM) for a DAY ! 

What if I was the Prime Minister (PM) for a day ? I think if I was a prime minister for a day I would help my islander families around our country New Zealand w/s things that they are struggling with, such as food, homes, kids things. And also not just our Polynesians but also for our others cultures out there ! Another I would do if I was Prime Minister (PM) for a day is I would help those that have nowhere to live, I would offer there or build a place for them to live, so that they can feel the warmth and the same things that every ordinary family feels. The last thing I think I would do if I was Prime Minister for a day is maybe just visit those in hospital and just give them some food baskets or at least make them feel happy and at home ! That's what I would do if I was Prime Minister for a day !